Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Titee - Natural Kangaroo

Listening to Titee’s music, one gets the feeling that he is a man so advanced in wisdom that he has learned how to be a child again. His approach to melody, tone and rhythm is that of a wide-eyed, innocent child, exploring and playing make-believe. Going to and fro and in and out of blast-beats and arpeggios, smooth pads and deep bass, and the occasional (yet perfectly placed) vocal, the music defies normality vehemently and evokes pure, youthful imagination. Yet behind this curtain of playfulness is a dark undercurrent that reveals the intense and mad ramblings of an insane genius, and makes it something effervescent, something cosmic. There are moments of pure terror such as the monstrous rumbling of “Panntha Tooth”, and moments of delight as in the fantastically upbeat “Loosy”.

“Natural Kangaroo” is an appropriate title to describe the bouncing nature of this album. It hops and hops and hops, sometimes in a smooth, adventurous way, and other times in a startled leap as if the high beams have been suddenly flashed at the music. Natural is another word that becomes this album very well; one can imagine the furious chopped melodies and beats physically attached to Titee’s hands, being spun and woven effortlessly, the arms and fingers sweeping and swaying in a flurry of energy. Often fast paced yet very appropriately mellow at times (especially the brilliant closer track “Relax and Spin”), this album is the essence of an artist who lives in a colourful, enchanting and magickal world, a beautiful mind and soul that he allows a rare glimpse of with this gem of an album.

Outstanding work.

Free download: http://www.last.fm/music/Titee/Natural+Kangaroo

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