Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gravity Euphonic - [Self-Titled]

There’s nothing spectacular about this music but it got me turning it up to 11 and rocking the fuck out. Industrial music can often carry with it a swathe of petty goth-core imagery and try-hard darkness, yet apart from slightly clichéd lyrics these guys are solidly awesome without any pretence. The guy’s voice works well with this style of music and the production is simply astounding. Hard hitting bass and synth lines and heavy guitar backed up by perfect drums. I often write reviews of albums then leave them on the shelf, but I feel like this one will stay in rotation for a fair while. I’m normally very verbose and flowery with my language but I think the simplicity of this music warrants a succinct statement: “Fuck yea, Rock! Get it.”

Gravity Euphonic homepage.

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