Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love Like This - [Self-Titled EP]

The bane of good music's existence, the dreaded "pop", rears its ugly head, turns towards you with a smile, and says "Don't hate this until you rate this, it is actually really good."

Despite being obviously "pop", these guys do something with their structure that I always love: rather than going A B A B C A, the tried-and-true method, they go "Fuck it we're gonna chuck an X in there... Yea, A B X C Z B A". It's the mark of musicians that are completely confident with their sounds and where they want to push them.

"Love Like This" are one of the best pop acts I've heard recently, despite being so instantly recognisable as "radio fodder". I guess when you break down pop into its constituent parts you get: the hook, the thing that immediately gets you nodding your head; the production, the thing that blows your mind if you have surround sound, and the simplicity. Love Like This manage not only to warp the simplicity into something more intensely original, but also bypass the dreaded 4th aspect of pop that I shudder to even have to type: commercialisation. These guys are underground, yet it's not "indie", it's not "vegetarian grindcore", it's just simply "pop"; I can only hope they don't land a major record label, selling their souls for bling and sequins, and end up taking the road of mediocrity. What they have at the moment is good.

Highly recommended EP.

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