Friday, February 27, 2009

King Django - A Single Thread

Wow. It's at exactly 4 tracks in to "A Single Thread", the title track, that you have to do three things, 1: turn it up 2: take a step back to say "holy wowfuck" and 3: start listening even more intently (as if you weren't gripped excited and laughing for joy from the very beginning). As the album progresses, words fail. This is unclassifyable, ineffable. I therefore shall talk about the imprint of the album on my memory rather than the album itself, for to feel like I'm talking about the sounds alone is like trying to describe water. We all know it's the most amazing thing on the earth, but you can never do it justice, you just drink it, encourage others to drink it, and feel it doing amazing things to you. So, the imprint: I feel cleansed. I have taken a journey. I have discovered one of my new favourite artists. I feel an incredible zest for life. I feel like life has given me a gift. Sorry this isn't much of an objective review, but holy wowfuck. Just fuckin' get this album. King Django - A Single Thread. Ok I'll throw words at you but it's not gonna do the sounds justice... Sparkle magic glowstick usurped by tribal midgets cute and funny laughing at the sky ploughing fields on temperate days surrounded by palms glorious sunshine amazing lyrics don't even feel the need to have sex. Complete. Joy. No moment of reflection, churning flutes and shakers through a monkey-grinder's organ being played by a cat, dog and rat who love each other with the intellect of stephen hawking the pride of a lion the savannah hosting a party sword fighting on a pirate ship the carribean is a myth compared to the reality that exists inside your head when you listen to this album. I'm not even on drugs. I still don't feel the need to have sex, maybe not ever again. Joy. Complete. Amazing. Listen. Then listen again. Holy wowfuck.

You can buy this album here. King Django also has a fancy homepage with gig listings etc.

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