Friday, February 27, 2009

Bomb Town - ?!INTERROBANG?!

When I receive a new album, I rarely play it immediately. I'm either afraid I'll hate it, or love it so much I will listen to nothing else for weeks until I get sick of it. Unfortunately, the infectious mix of awesome bass that immediately grabs you from the word go, "punk to the floor + dub to the step drums" that follow swift tempo changes to the letter, incredibly slick vocals, bright horn sections and absolutely droolable keys, combined with just outstanding songwriting and production, means that alas, I will indeed be listening to nothing else but this album for some time. With this release Bomb Town manage to at the same time completely chill you out with their reggae approach - which manages to thread its way into even the hardest, punkiest songs, and maintains a prevalent presence throughout the album, thus giving it a distinct "upbeat" flavour - and yet maintain a certain funevilness that is engaging, and even at times confronting. I love that shit, and it's the thing that will make sure I don't get sick of it. The left-hook of sinister lurking beneath the tangy, rich, positive flavoured jabs. I'm not sure quite how to describe it, but the music is groovy and yet daggy at the same time, life-affirming yet destructive at the same time (destructive in a very subtle way, as if taking apart a molecule piece by piece for scientific investigation rather than out of recklessness), and there's a feel of basically "hard rock plus reggae equals more than the sum of genres, a step above anything you'll hear from either of the aforementioned". The CD came with a .pdf that I was wary of at first: utilising military inuendos to propogate imagery of "hitting a town with a shell of music"; I thought the music would be a lot angrier, yet it's unmistakeable that the destructiveness of this album is more about breaking down barriers and destroying egos, than numb "kill that fucker" stuff. The ultimate message, again carried through the reggae-ness that is always there, is of peace. Peace, fun times, chillin' out, yet slapping you on the head with that evil every now and then to make sure you're still riding the wave, and testing your ability to stand upright in a sea of punk. Brilliant stuff, highly recommended.

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