Friday, January 30, 2009

Baskyl - Far Beyond Home

Let's talk about The Journey. It may be a cliche to say this, but it is more important than the destination. Having just finished a deep contemplative listen to "Far Beyond Home" in surround sound I sit, flabbergasted, in silence, and let me tell you, silence just ain't cutting it. I just want more. I want to hear these amazing sounds again, and again, and again. Having said that, I'm restarting the album right now while I continue to type...

...ah that's my fuckin' fix right there...

Now, some journeys are arduous, some are mild, others are wild and many are boring. But "Far Beyond Home" is an apt title for the journey you go on when you listen to this album. Instant teleportation has arrived my friends, and its name is Baskyl. From the word go this album transports you to the glowstick-neon-laser-fueled nights of Germany's club scene, to the most intense rave you've ever been to, takes a left turn to downtempo paradise, lifts you up into deep brooding bass heaven, then whacks your head into "FUCK YES!" nod-mode and your feet into "THEY'RE DOING IT ON THEIR OWN!" shuffling, takes another meandering side-road into Chilltown and then drops you into a veritable bottomless abyss of "HOLY SHIT I WANT MORE!" four-to-the-floor; all the while completely trancing your pants off. I rarely use capitals like that but you have to remember I am listening as I type and by the power of the Almighty Glowstick I feel it. Shit yeah, I feel it.

Not only is this album hard hitting and "fuck-yeah", but it is extremely musically intelligent. Baskyl's real name is Wolfgang, and after listening intently to this album I believe he deserves the extra title of "Amadeus". One thing I've always liked about Mozart's, I mean Baskyl's, music is the way it evolves. His melodies and bassline grooves metamorphose as if sentient, growing twisting and curving, and have a beautiful lush, organic nature to them that is still reminiscent of classic techno square-wave and acid riffs that we all know and love. His beats are solid and catchy whilst remaining intuitive and original, at times strapping you in for a rollercoaster ride and sometimes just throwing you off a cliff in the most orgasmic way possible.

Germany's Wolgang Amadeus Baskyl, or "Wolfy" as I like to call him, regularly sends me tracks on Last.FM which I thoroughly enjoy for the ride; and now having the pleasure of listening to an entire album that maintains this incredible evolutionary morphing feeling is pure bliss. The tracks seemlessly flow from 1/16th note arpeggios to deep house bass to psy and hardstyle flings within their own timeframe, yet on top of that they merge together to create a highly cohesive album. The cruising chillgrooove tracks act as the perfect breather before your next slam-dunk into fuck-yeah, and the whole time the trance never lets go of your pants. Screw Armin Van Buuren and his monotonous tones, "Far Beyond Home" is the true meaning of trance, a Journey.

DJs, Rave Organisers, Night Club Owners the world over, I beseech thee: Grab this album and spin it till your decks are smoking. There can never be too much of great electronic music like this.

All of Baskyl's music can be downloaded for free at his site at LastFM

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